The Benefits of Digital Orthodontics

The field of orthodontics has been keeping up with the exciting new medical advancements currently sweeping across the medical field; digital and computer technologies are a tool we frequently utilize here at Sunna Orthodontics in order to better serve our patients seeking braces, clear aligners or any other type of orthodontic care!

Specifically, digital imaging and advanced graphic interfaces are technologies that have proven to be incredibly helpful in diagnosing and treating orthodontic issues.
These technologies offer an abundance of benefits from both a patient and a professional perspective, helping to keep Sunna Orthodontics on the cutting edge of orthodontic care!

Improved Accuracy

New advancements in computerized imaging has greatly improved the ability of oral health professionals to diagnose and treat various conditions that occur within the teeth; these highly-detailed images are able to capture contours within the teeth that are traditionally difficult to view with detailed accuracy.
This improved accuracy has a trickle-down effect of sorts across other areas of orthodontic treatment; mis-diagnosis could soon become a thing of the past, and rare conditions can be spotted and immediately, allowing treatment to begin before the condition is allowed to worsen.

Greater Efficiency

Digital Orthodontics could very well make your next appointment at Sunna Orthodontics go by much quicker; computerized imaging is making the examination process exponentially faster, while also making other elements of oral health care (such as, again, diagnosis) go by much faster.
Offices will also now be able to see and treat more patients, and spend even more time on each individual case, putting most of the focus on treating problems rather than simply locating them.

Increased Patient Comfort

The great news is that there’s nothing invasive whatsoever about computerized image processing; no putty, and other types of bad-tasting contrast agents necessary! Patients can sit back and relax while the computerized images are taken, and then move on with their appointment.

More Customizable Care

Digital Orthodontic Technologies further allow oral health professionals to create even more-personalized plans for those with specific conditions; both doctors and patients can better track their treatment and stay even more organized!

Simply reading about the benefits of Digital Orthodontics is one thing, but experiencing it for yourself is another thing completely; if you’d like to experience the amazing benefits of Digital Orthodontic Technology first-hand, or continue learning about this incredible new technology, visit us online at, or call +962 6 593 6677 to schedule your next visit with Sunna Orthodontics!

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