4 Tips for a Better Invisible Aligner Experience

For most adults who want straighter teeth, braces aren’t always the first choice of treatment. While some adult patients may specifically require them, many adults would prefer a more discreet, but still fully effective option for teeth straightening. Instead of braces, many adults turn to invisible aligners. The best part about invisible aligners is that at a conversational distance, friends and colleagues won’t be able to tell that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. The fact that aligners are removable make treatment results dependent on compliance. If patients don’t wear the aligners as instructed, then optimal results will not occur and teeth will not align properly. Under the supervision of Dr. Samer Sunna and his team, excellent aligner results can be achieved. Here is our team’s list of top tips for a better invisible aligner experience! 

  1. Remember to always wear you aligners except for when eating or drinking. This may sound like an easy task, but not wearing your aligners constantly can result in your teeth shifting back to their original position.
  2. Always store your aligners in their case. This will keep dirt and other small pieces of debris from finding their way onto your aligners, keeping them nice and clean.  
  3. Remove your aligners before exercise. For those who frequently exercise, be sure to remove your aligners before a workout. Leaving them in will result in extreme mouth dryness. 
  4. Brush after meals and snacks. Not only should you not eat and drink in your aligners, but it’s also a good idea to brush after snacks and meals. This will keep your aligners as clean as possible! 

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